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Know the Facts, and Numbers, for World Poverty

Dr. Michael Omidi is the co-founder of No More Poverty, among other charities dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of others. Today he looks at some facts and figures related to world poverty. The Hunger Project’s website is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about th
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Low Income Kids Face Financial Hurdles in Sports

Dr. Michael Omidi is a philanthropist who covers topics that deal with childhood obesity, general health and global poverty. In today’s blog post, he looks at the high cost of sports participation for school children. We all know that the key to eliminating obesity is a good bout of p
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World Poverty Declining

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses recent advances in global efforts to fight poverty. The world’s neediest areas have seen a decrease in poverty during the past 20 years. In fact, the number of very poor citizens in the world have decreased by almost 50 percent in those two decades, a
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World Bank Economist Discusses Poverty

Lant Pritchett
Lant Pritchett, Harvard professor and former World Bank economist, recently reviewed common misconceptions about poverty during the Wheatley International Affairs Conference. Julian Omidi reviews how this speech may change your views on poverty. After receiving his Ph. D. in Economics
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