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Children's Obesity Fund

Omidi Brothers Charities – Children’s Obesity Fund

Children’s Obesity Fund

Children’s Obesity Fund is a non-profit organization formed to combat the obesity epidemic faced by the United States and other countries around the world. Children’s Obesity Fund will provide assistance in the area of childhood obesity by:

  • Providing information on prevention methods for parents and children
  • Offering grants to organizations that are providing effective solutions
  • Offering awareness of the problem and what can be done to combat it
  • Building a network of charities that help children live and maintain a healthy lifestyle
Increasing awareness and understanding of how to raise healthy and happy children to make sure that ensuing generations are strong and live vital, active lives.”

Help Children’s Obesity Fund assist those suffering from childhood obesity by exploring our resources today. Children’s Obesity Fund is awaiting 501(c)3 status.


Animal Support

Omidi Brothers Charities – Animal Support

Animal Support

Animal Support is a non-profit organization founded in order to deal with issues such as animal abuse, mistreatment, over-population, and neglect.

“Animal Support seeks to sponsor a network of resources dedicated to animal protection, rescue and adoption. Please join us in our goal of saving animals”

The mission of Animal Support is to:

  • Provide awareness about the extent of animal abuse in the United States
  • Sponsor a network of organizations and resources that offer solutions such as animal adoption, legal protection for animals, and animal rescue.
  • Provide helpful resources to combat animal abuse when and where it occurs

We will be providing support to many different charities and organizations that operate work to stop animal abuse before it starts and help those animals that have already been victims of abuse. Animal Support is currently pending 501(c)3 status.



No More Poverty

Omidi Brothers Charities – No More Poverty

No More Poverty

No More Poverty provides solutions to the problems faced by the impoverished by supporting organizations and charities that assist in finding shelter, providing food, helping fund education, and other areas. Help Julian Omidi and No More Poverty fight the number one issue facing the globe.

“Help Make a Difference and Join Us in Our Fight Against Poverty.”  -Julian Omidi

Charities that have received support from No More Poverty include:

  • Food Finders, Inc. – Providing a sustainable solution to feed the hungry, seving as many as 40,000 meals each day to the needy.
  • Operation HOPE – A global nonprofit helping to impact financial literacy to adults and children.
  • A Place Called Home – Offering a safe haven for children to learn and play in South Central Los Angeles.

These charities and more deserve your support. Find a full list of resources, including other nonprofit organizations, at NMP.og. No More Poverty is pending 501(c)3 status.




Civic Duty

Omidi Brothers Charities – Civic Duty

Civic Duty

Civic Duty can be defined as the “responsibilities of a citizen.” It is our belief at Civic Duty that those who work to fulfill this responsibility and to help his or her fellow man should be recognized, and that is what we will be doing.

“Civic Duty is dedicated to that search for meaning, to sharing the stories of every-day people who are making an extraordinary difference in this world, and who inspire us all to do the same through creative outreach, community service, and volunteerism.” – Michael Omidi

At Civic Duty we will provide awareness regarding people in the worldwide community that:

  • Provide opportunities to improve the lives of their fellow man.
  • Implement plans to improve the community
  • Have begun organizations to support projects or events to bring awareness to issues faced by the citizens of the global and local community.

By highlighting the difference that we make in each other’s lives we will send a message that anyone can fulfill their civic duty and will be recognized for it. Civic Duty is currently awaiting 501(c)3 status.




Omidi Brothers Charities
Omidi Brothers Charities is a non profit organization dedicated to providing awareness to the charities founded by the Omidi Brothers.
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By Michael Omidi