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May 2013 Partnerships and Events

Julian Omidi discusses the partnerships and events supported by Omidi Brothers Charities in May 2013. 

This month at Omidi Brothers Charities we have the pleasure of partnering with several esteemed nonprofit organizations such as Wheels for Humanity, Union Rescue Mission, and Hands for Hope and I wanted to share these events with you. In highlighting these events and partnerships I hope that you will participate with us and give much needed support to these charities.

Blanket Drive at Union Rescue Mission

One of the most basic needs of the homeless in Los Angeles are linens, which is why we are donating over 1,000 pounds of them through partnership with the Union Rescue Mission. URM is an organization that has assisted the homeless in Los Angeles since 1891. No More Poverty, along with volunteers, will provide blankets to the needy on Skid Row at Union Rescue Mission.

Parent Resource Fair with Hands for Hope

Hands for Hope is a wonderful nonprofit that we have been honored to provide assistance to in the past, so it was only natural that we would support their Single Parent Resource Fair. On Saturday, May 18th, the Parent Resource Fair will provide: Tools, resources, and support to parents allowing them time to network with other single parents; information from counselors in the fields of credit, college, and life-assistance; engagement in discussions about childcare and changing careers among many other topics.

The event will be held from 11am to 1pm, with lunch to be served at 12:30pm, at the First Baptist Church of North Hollywood, 11210 Otsego Street.

Wheels for Humanity Support

We are also excited to announce our support of UCP Wheels for Humanity, whose primary goal is to provide access to mobility to the more than 70 million in need of mobility assistance but cannot afford it. The organization is truly global and works throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, South and North America. Trips to provide mobility assistance in the form of wheelchairs in 2013 currently include Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Mexico, and many more.


Please keep checking back for more partnerships and please share your ideas  for charities that the Omidi Brothers can help through support.

Michael Omidi

Hands for Hope Single Parent Resource Fair

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