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Our July 2013 Medical Mission to the Philippines

Michael Omidi discusses his most recent trip to the Philippines to provide medical assistance in a mission that was provided in a partnership between No More Poverty and Charitable Endowment Support.

In December 2012 I had the distinct pleasure of being able to visit the Philippines to provide medical care for those in need in the Bulacan Province. During that mission we were able to perform 3 dozen surgeries over the course of 11 days at the Calumpit District Hospital and we hoped that we would be able to return in order to provide followup care and additional surgical and medical assistance for those in the province.

No More Poverty and Charitable Endowment Support once again partnered together to provide additional assistance through a mission we titled Operations for Hope. This mission took us to the San Miguel District Hospital in the Bulacan Province between July 10 and July 22, 2013. During this mission we were able to follow up with patients like Ofelia who was a cancer patient that we provided care to during our December mission, as well as provide many surgeries ranging from cyst and goiter removal to the removal of multiple tumors and other masses that patients were suffering from. We also performed cleft palate repairs on several younger patients such as Justine, age 3, and Alberto, age 7.

Taking part in medical missions such as these are truly a gift; seeing the smiles on the faces of children and adults after they have suffered for years due to a result of their deformities is an amazing experience. Provided below is a video that highlights some of the work we were able to do during our trip as well as a brief look at our previous trip. I hope that you will watch it and learn more about the help we have provided on these missions, especially as we look to conduct more in the years to come.

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