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Omidi Brothers Offer Help to Animal Advocacy Agencies

Omidi Brothers Michael and Julian have been able to offer support to animal agencies through Animal Support and Civic Duty.

Animals play a significantly important role in our lives and that is why we are proud to support animal advocacy agencies through Animal Support. We are also happy to help provide assistance to organizations that aid both humans and animals together, and these are exemplified in our most recent offerings of support.

Animal Support and Barks of Love

Through Animal Support we are excited to be able to support the amazing dog rescue organization Barks of Love located in Orange County, California. The primary goal of this great organization is to provide dogs with a permanent, stable, and loving residence. In order to facilitate this goal, Barks of Love utilizes a network of foster homes for dogs so that during the transition process they receive the training, medical care, and supplies that they need.

Since 2008, Barks of Love has been providing assistance to these animals in need and we at Animal Support are incredibly proud to offer support to this great organization.

Barks of Love

Civic Duty and Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leader Dogs for the Blind has assisted those with visual and aural impairments receive mobility assistance since 1939. As one of only two organizations that provide guide dog training to those with both types of impairments the work they are doing needs and deserves support. Since its foundation they have helped to train and place over 14,500 dogs.

Leader Dogs for the Blind offers a unique program for teenagers called the Summer Experience Camp, where participants who suffer from visual impairment are able to increase their independence in a setting that is safe and acclimate to the possibility of life with this type of mobility assistance.

At Civic Duty we are proud to be able to offer our support to such a noble institution as Leader Dogs for the Blind and to help bring awareness to their cause.

Michael Omidi

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