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Omidi Brothers Partner with AniMeals and Precious Lamb Preschool

Omidi Brothers Michael and Julian Omidi are proud to partner with Precious Lamb Preschool through Children’s Obesity Fund and AniMeals through Animal Support.

Two of our Omidi Brothers charities (Animal Support and Children’s Obesity Fund) are proud to announce our support of some amazing organizations that are working to aid in their respective areas of expertise.

Animal Support and AniMeals

Cedar Rapids’ AniMeals focuses on providing food to pets whose owners are disadvantaged either financially or physically. Specifically this nonprofit organization focuses on assisting elderly pet owners that need assistance in providing food to their beloved cats, dogs, and other animals.

Studies have shown that pet ownership can have surprising health benefits such as keeping owners active and helping them as they rehabilitate from illnesses. These factors are particularly beneficial for the elderly, as well as the companionship that pets offer those who are of an advanced age.

This is why the work being performed by AniMeals to help more than 400 pets on a monthly basis is so imperative. Not only does AniMeals help to provide assistance not only to owners of dogs and cats but also to pets like ferrets, guinea  pigs, and rabbits among others. In addition to food assistance AniMeals also provides spaying and neutering services for those receiving social security or disability assistance.

We are proud to announce the support of AniMeals through Animal Support, our nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing animal welfare issues.


Children’s Obesity Fund and Precious Lamb Preschool

Precious Lamb Preschool is a nonprofit that assists families and children who are faced with homelessness by providing them with the care and early education that they need. Parents that have suffered due to substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and other factors are able to enroll their children in the Precious Lamb Preschool at no cost.

Part of providing a proper education to children in a climate where obesity has become a health epidemic is to make sure that healthy activities and proper diet are instilled early. KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization provides early physical education curriculum to those of preschool age and now, thanks to the support of Children’s Obesity Fund, KID-FIT will now be providing this education to children at Precious Lamb Preschool.

Precious Lamb Preschool

We are excited about these partnerships and hope that you will help to carry the message and effectiveness of these amazing charities by sharing this article through your social media.


Julian Omidi

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