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Sitting and Risks of Chronic Diseases

Excessive sitting is hazardous to your health. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are some of the health risks people sitting down for long periods of time may suffer despite exercising regularly.  This new finding was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and found that seden
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Which Animals are Really the Most Intelligent?

Study presents new ideas about animal intelligence Julian Omidi discusses the intelligence of animals and looks at how non-human communication has pointed the way for various research efforts in the field. New research is showing that humans and primates are not necessarily the smarte
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Omidi Brothers Proud to Announce Support of Watsi

Michael Omidi announces the support of the organization Watsi by the Omidi Brothers and No More Poverty.  Around the world in countries such as the Philippines, Burma, Guatemala, and Zambia there are patients that are in desperate need of medical care for a wide variety of issues. Fro
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Omidi Brothers Partner with AniMeals and Precious Lamb Preschool

Omidi Brothers Michael and Julian Omidi are proud to partner with Precious Lamb Preschool through Children’s Obesity Fund and AniMeals through Animal Support. Two of our Omidi Brothers charities (Animal Support and Children’s Obesity Fund) are proud to announce our support
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World Bank Economist Discusses Poverty

Lant Pritchett
Lant Pritchett, Harvard professor and former World Bank economist, recently reviewed common misconceptions about poverty during the Wheatley International Affairs Conference. Julian Omidi reviews how this speech may change your views on poverty. After receiving his Ph. D. in Economics
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