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Omidi Brothers Proud to Announce Support of Watsi

Michael Omidi announces the support of the organization Watsi by the Omidi Brothers and No More Poverty. 

Around the world in countries such as the Philippines, Burma, Guatemala, and Zambia there are patients that are in desperate need of medical care for a wide variety of issues. From young children that have suffered burns and scars as a result of living in areas rife with conflict to men and women who have spent their entire lives dealing with deformities such as masses over their bodies or cleft palates, for example. Many organizations work to provide medical care to these patients, but one organization is taking a unique approach to providing the needed care.

Watsi is an organization that has started a crowdfunding platform in order to help provide medical care to those who need it most around the world. Much like platforms such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, it is possible to fund the surgeries and medical care necessary for individual patients in need of a variety of services.

It is the distinct pleasure of myself, my brother Julian Omidi, and our organization No More Poverty to have been able to not only provide organizational support to Watsi, but also to fully fund treatment for 2 patients on the waiting list and partially fund the treatment of 4 additional patients. Watsi makes sure that all money that is donated goes directly to the medical care of the patient and encourages complete transparency through its finances making all statements available to the public. Watsi makes sure that the organizations they partner with are completely vetted so that donors can trust in the process.

We strongly encourage you to support not only Watsi as an organization, but to help those patients still in need by making a donation today. Learn more about our charity partnership today.

Michael Omidi

Watsi Funding

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