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Mandatory Voting: A Potentially New Civic Duty

In today’s blog, Michael Omidi discusses recent comments by President Obama in regards to mandatory voting. Yesterday, it was reported that President Obama made comments at the City Club of Cleveland in regards to mandatory voting. The President stated, “It would be transformati
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New Diseases Linked to Smoking

While most of us are aware that smoking is unhealthy, new research shows that tobacco causes more damage than previously reported.  A study by the American Cancer Society reports that there are more diseases killing smokers than what we already know.  The study compiled and analyzed d
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Don’t Stress the Holidays

Holiday Stress advice Michael Omidi
Dr. Michael Omidi offers some tips on how to keep stress levels down over the holidays in this blog entry. The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer and joy, but they can also create stress. You want to make sure everything is perfect, and it never is. Stress is unavoidable, but
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Making Progress in the Fight against Childhood Obesity

Michael Omidi talks progress in childhood obesity battle
Dr. Michael Omidi is an advocate for children’s health. In this article, he discusses the findings of a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on childhood obesity. There may not be a lot of good news in the world today, but a new report from the Center for Disease C
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Gardenworks for Kids Hosts Indian Hill Family Hike Day

The Children’s Obesity Fund-sponsored organization Gardenworks for Kids will be hosting a day of hiking and nature walking for families.  Gardenworks for Kids is a nonprofit organization that gives elementary school children the chance to learn about organic gardening, nutrition and e
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Omidi Brothers Proud to Announce Support of Watsi

Michael Omidi announces the support of the organization Watsi by the Omidi Brothers and No More Poverty.  Around the world in countries such as the Philippines, Burma, Guatemala, and Zambia there are patients that are in desperate need of medical care for a wide variety of issues. Fro
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