Omidi Brothers Charities

Sitting and Risks of Chronic Diseases

Excessive sitting is hazardous to your health. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are some of the health risks people sitting down for long periods of time may suffer despite exercising regularly.  This new finding was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and found that seden
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Making Progress in the Fight against Childhood Obesity

Michael Omidi talks progress in childhood obesity battle
Dr. Michael Omidi is an advocate for children’s health. In this article, he discusses the findings of a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on childhood obesity. There may not be a lot of good news in the world today, but a new report from the Center for Disease C
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Omidi Brothers Support Dance to Combat Children's Obesity

As Michael Omidi explains, dance has many benefits on health and may be used to help combat children’s obesity. As a result of these health benefits Michael, along with his brother Julian, have chosen to offer support to Pacific Ballroom Dance through the Omidi Brothers charity
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